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Finding Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate! Interview with Property Whisperer Warren Ebert

2023-10-20_20-36-08.png 20/10/2023

He’s the CEO of Sentinel property group and has earned a reputation in the industry as the ‘property whisperer’ for good reason.

Not only has Ebert timed the market well — getting in prior to the booms and selling down prior to the busts — but he also has a proven track record of delivering impressive returns for investors.

In fact, under Ebert’s leadership, Sentinel has delivered an average annual return of 13.3% since its inception, far surpassing the market average!

What sets Sentinel Property Group apart is its focus on value-add and opportunistic investments.

The company has a reputation for identifying underperforming assets with potential to add value — implementing strategic changes to maximise their value.

As Warren says,

‘We were never about buying best of breed, as far as high quality properties, because how do you make money on that?

‘We make money out of properties, and same as I think any corporate takeover. If you buy a company that’s being run the absolute best, everything’s spot on, how do you make money?

‘You make money by fixing problems.’

This approach has enabled Warren to deliver strong returns — even in challenging economic times.

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Unraveling the Mystery: The History of the 18.6-Year Property Cycle

2023-10-16_21-47-35.png 16/10/2023

ASX Trader and Catherine Cashmore discuss the history of the 18.6 year land cycle 

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Uncovering the Secrets of the Land Cycle with Akhil Patel

2023-08-02_21-03-06.jpg 2/08/2023

Akhil is based in the United Kingdom and has made a significant contribution to the field of economics with his unique focus on the 18-year economic cycle.

In the interview, we discuss Akhil’s take on the investment opportunities arising through the final stages of the cycle.

I question Akhil on when he thinks the peak of this current cycle will occur, and we briefly touch on some of the esoteric trends that sit behind the cycle.

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How to make money in the commercial property market with "Property Whisperer" Warren Ebert

2023-05-20_20-23-48.jpg 20/05/2023

One master of commercial real estate, who has lived and thrived through some of the worse recessions, is Warren Ebert. He’s the CEO of Sentinel property group and has earned a reputation in the industry as the ‘property whisperer’, deservedly so.

Not only has Ebert timed the market well — getting in prior to the booms and selling down prior to the busts — but he also has a proven track record of delivering impressive returns for investors.

As Warren says,

‘We were never about buying best of breed, as far as high quality properties, because how do you make money on that?

‘We make money out of properties, and same as I think any corporate takeover. If you buy a company that's being run the absolute best, everything's spot on, how do you make money?

‘You make money by fixing problems.’

Watch Catherine's interview with Warren to learn more.. 

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Catherine Cashmore discusses the 2022 property downturn and what's ahead with Stephen Koukoulas

2023-05-20_20-30-34.jpg 20/05/2023

Stephen Koukoulas – otherwise known as “The Kouk” is a bit of a legend in the Australian economics scene. Having worked for the Commonwealth Bank, TD Securities, and Citibank, among other big-name institutions.
He also worked as an economic advisor to former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Late last year, he took part in The Great Housing Debate with Coolabah Capital’s Chris Joye - predicting that the market would have a peak to trough decline of around 7%.

That scenario played out - listen to the interview to find out why The Kouk was right, and what we can expect to see happening to prices between 2024-2026. 

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Catherine Cashmore discusses the land cycle with Mike Mortlock

2023-05-02_20-06-25.jpg 2/05/2023

Catherine Cashmore and Mike Mortlock discuss the land cycle - forecasting movements in the market through the next few years - 2023-2026. 

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Catherine Cashmore in conversation with Martin Wolf - Chief editor of London's Financial times

2023-04-22_21-07-24.png 22/04/2023

Martin Wolf CBE, has just released his new book, The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism. In it, he argues that capitalism has become distorted by monopolistic interests, leading to a corruption of democratic processes. He warns that unless we address this problem, our economies and societies will break down — and worse still, we could be ‘sleepwalking into war’… 

In this interview we discuss how current events are potentially leading into a dramatic top at the end of this economic land cycle - with conditions not unlike those witnessed prior to the second world war.

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Land Cycle Investor: Catherine Cashmore with Leith Van Onselen

2023-04-06_11-52-53.png 5/04/2023

Leith has previously worked as an economist at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury, and Goldman Sachs.

With a strong background in economic policy and financial sector regulation, he’s not afraid to cut through the BS bias narrative that dominates the mainstream media and tell it like it is.

I caught up with Leith yesterday to break down what the current immigration policies mean for Australia and each state’s property market — and to look at the potential outcomes.

We also discuss:

The gas cartel’s stranglehold on the Australian economy
The dynamics in NZ’s property market that have produced a *crash* in median values
Why Leith thinks markets are on the upwards swing
Advice for investing if you don’t want to fall subject to disastrous economic policy decisions that promise to transfer wealth from renter to rentier
All this and much more!

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Q&A with Global Forecaster David Murrin..

2023-05-20_21-53-49.jpg 16/03/2023

I put your questions to David Murrin last week in our second interview for Cycles, Trends & Forecasts.

He was delighted to get such an enthusiastic response, and viewers will find the content extremely interesting.

We discussed, in brief, some events that have taken place in recent weeks — including the discovery of Chinese spy balloons over the USA.

We then got straight to your questions. And, of course, I will continue to bring you weekly content regarding the cycle. How, where, and when to invest to make market gains — and much more in both Cycles, Trends & Forecasts and Land Cycle Investor.

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Catherine Cashmore and Prof. Steven Keen discuss the corruption of economics

2023-03-05_13-54-10.png 4/03/2023

In this video, Catherine Cashmore interviews Professor Steven Keen and discuss his research on the boom/bust cycle, how economic thinking has become corrupted, the potential consequences of this, and how to transition to a system that would enable people to flourish. We also delve into the politics and appalling economic analysis that sits behind the climate change narrative.

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2023 - Boom or Bust? Economist Pete Wargent and Catherine Cashmore discuss...

2023-02-18_20-26-40.png 18/02/2023

In this episode Catherine Cashmore and veteran economist Pete Wargent discuss what's ahead for 2023.

Through the course of the conversation, we cover:

  • Pete’s recent travels through the UK and Europe — what’s happening to the housing markets overseas, and how was the weather?
  • The Australian housing market — how the perspective differs in the media compared to what we’re experiencing on the ground.
  • Could prices finally see some uplift in the year ahead? Have we passed the bottom of the market?
  • Pete’s take on RBA governor Philip Lowe’s grilling before the Senate — further rate hikes ahead? Or are we reaching the end of the rate hiking cycle
  • How migration is going to affect markets across Australia
  • The difference between markets in the Eastern states compared to other regions of Australia.
  • Pete shares his advice on investment in the current climate.
  • We also chat about Pete’s worldly travels and how it’s changed his life view.

All this, and much more…


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Exclusive Interview — War and the Real Estate Cycle with Global Forecaster David Murrin

2023-02-01_20-21-16.png 1/02/2023

In today’s Land Cycle Investor, we expand on Fred Harrison’s interview last week by looking at the K-Wave — an economic theory that refers to a long-term cycle of boom and bust that occurs roughly every 50–60 years. Plus, watch an exclusive interview with global forecaster David Murrin to find out what he sees ahead in terms of his forecast for a third World War — where to hide and where to store cash at the peak of the K-Wave.

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Exclusive interview - Catherine Cashmore and UK economist Fred Harrison delve into the economics of the 18 year property cycle

2023-01-11_21-29-38.png 11/01/2023

I reached out to UK economist Fred Harrison this week for a chat about the real estate cycle. I put forward to him some of the most asked questions I get from subscribers each week.

Most subscribers are familiar with Fred’s work.

An Oxford University graduate, Fred is a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation and a research associate at the Land Values Research Group. He’s also the author of more than 20 books, including The Power in the Land, The Corruption of Economics, and Boom/Bust 2010.

But Fred’s popularity is built on his knowledge of the 18-year property cycle, which he initially publicised with the hope it would inspire a change to economic policy.

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Interview - Dr Cameron and Catherine Cashmore discuss why Australia will avoid recession in 2023

2022-12-20_22-20-33.png 20/12/2022

There are not many economists talking up the property market right now. But one figure that thinks things are more likely to improve than trend lower is Dr Cameron Murray.

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Jackie Bowker from Lydian Finance interviews Catherine Cashmore

2022-12-15_14-26-41.png 14/12/2022

In this episode, JackieWatch as Jackie and Catherine talk about the 18-year cycle and where we are currently at in that cycle, when is the best time to buy property for homebuyers, what buyers need to buy to make gains in the cycle, and so much more property-related research! 

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Catherine Cashmore & Louis Christopher - Forecasting percentage returns in the property market for 2023

2022-12-01_23-06-39.png 1/12/2022

Is it possible to predict percentage returns in the property market?

One analyst who tries to do so each year is SQM Research founder Louis Christopher.

I've been friends with Louis for many years, so invited him to have a chat about what he sees ahead for 2023. 


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EXCLUSIVE: Cycles, Trends & Forecasts interview - Catherine Cashmore chats with finance and property guru Pete Wargent

podcast.png 19/11/2022

Pete is a well-established finance and property guru in Australia.

A British national, he qualified as a chartered accountant in London and was previously a director at the ‘Big Four’ accounting firm Deloitte. He’s also a six-time published finance author, and co-founder of

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Podcast - Leith van Onselen & Catherine Cashmore discuss energy prices and QLD land tax changes

podcast.png 4/10/2022

Recorded for subscribers to Cycles, Trends & Forecasts - sign up here! 

I’ve had numerous emails and questions regarding the well-publicised changes to Queensland’s land tax legislation.

I mentioned it back in December 2021 in an update.

We also covered the issue in some depth in this week’s ‘Cycle Report’ for Lifetime subscribers.

(If you haven’t already signed up to Lifetime membership for the ‘Cycle Report’, consider doing so. It enables me to answer many more of your questions and share thoughts on the cycle that I often don’t get a chance to write about in your weekly and monthly updates.)

And I’m still getting questions sent in....


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Exclusive interview - learn how to utilise the skills of "Australia's human lie detector"

podcast.png 3/08/2022

Cashmore's real estate podcast - learn how to negotiate like a pro.. 

In the publication Cycles, Trends & Forecasts, I share some basic information you must know if you want to negotiate like a pro.

After all, it really doesn’t matter how good you are at finding great properties.

If you don’t have the knowledge to effectively negotiate them, you’ll come unstuck.

Negotiation is all about mastering the art of communication.

Whether verbal, written, body language, or simply knowing when to talk and when to stay silent.

This is where my podcast guest comes in…


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Catherine Cashmore and Callum Newman answer your questions

Cycles Trends & Forecasts Pic Cycle Report.png 7/07/2022

Callum Newman and Catherine Cashmore answer your questions about the real estate cycle. 

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Catherine Cashmore and Fred Harrison discuss the property cycle

podcast.png 28/06/2022

I reached out to Fred Harrison a few days ago to discuss the cycle.

We debate, among other things, if there’s any likelihood of an early peak.   

It’s the question I’ve been asked most often in recent weeks.

I think you’ll find the interview enlightening and helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the cycle and drivers behind it as we move forward.  



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Michael McLaren from 2GB speaks to Catherine Cashmore about the number of vacant homes that are not advertised for rent, or sale

2022-06-11_12-06-53.png 10/06/2022

Michael speaks to Catherine Cashmore, president of Prosper Australia, who for years have conducted research into how many of Australia’s 9.8 million homes are left vacant. Prosper’s tenth analysis of vacant land and housing conducted in 2019 found that 69,004...

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MB Fund Podcast: Is there a property crash brewing? With Catherine Cashmore, Chief Economist, Leith van Onselen and Senior Financial Adviser, Samuel Kerr

2022-06-11_12-15-53.png 9/06/2022

In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen, Buyers Advocate, Media Commentator and Economist, Catherine Cashmore, Chief Economist, Leith van Onselen and Senior Financial Adviser, Samuel Kerr, discussed whether a crash is in the future...

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Interview with renegade economist — Professor Steven Keen

podcast.png 8/06/2022

He accurately picked the peak of the housing market prior to the recession of 2008. In 2019, he also forecast that the US would enter a recession in 2020. I’m talking about the renegade economist Professor Steven Keen — author of Debunking...

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Catherine Cashmore chats with Warren Mosler on MMT, inflation, and property taxes!

podcast.png 28/05/2022

The election is over and we now have an Albanese government to contend with.  I’ll be taking a look at what’s ahead for the market within the context of the current cycle. Still, the election run-up was jam-packed with myths and fairly tales from all...

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Cashmore Real Estate Podcast - Catherine chats with Dr Cameron Murray

podcast.png 18/05/2022

Many of you will already be familiar with  Cameron Murray . He co-wrote the book Game of Mates. It uncovers the tricks of Australia’s super rich. Namely, rent seeking. This is why we have a land cycle, commodity cycle, a credit cycle — and...

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Catherine Cashmore exclusive interview with Louis Christopher from SQM Research

podcast.png 13/04/2022

Rocketing inflation, rising rents, supply shortages leading to a “much deeper recession”?  Exclusive interview with one of the country’s most respected analysts.  

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Pete Wargent interviews Catherine Cashmore

Pete catherine.png 21/03/2022

This week Pete interviews buyer’s advocate and land cycle expert Catherine Cashmore, President of Prosper, Australia’s oldest economic association.

Catherine explains the 18-year land cycle, when the next market cycle will peak, and the outlook for the Australian property market, with a particular focus on Melbourne and Victoria.

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James Woodburn interviews Catherine Cashmore on timing the top of the cycle

2021-11-09_19-13-16.png 9/11/2021

Dear Reader, Chances are you’ve heard a hundred warnings about the state of the Australian economy today… ABC News recently warned we face a ‘profound downturn’ triggered by COVID lockdowns. Earlier this year The Guardian dubbed the...

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Martin North of Digital Financial Analytics interviews Catherine Cashmore

2021-08-06_18-55-42.png 6/08/2021

Hear Catherine give Martin an update on the property cycle in Melbourne and Australia in general

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James Woodburn interviews Catherine Cashmore on the secrets behind forecasting the booms and busts in the economy.. 

2021-06-04_19-42-27.png 4/06/2021

James Woodburn - Group Publisher at Port Philip Publishing - interviews Catherine Cashmore to unlock the secrets behind forecasting the booms and busts in the economy.. 

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Fred Harrison and Catherine Cashmore discuss the 18 year cycle...

2021-06-04_19-30-27.jpg 4/06/2021

Exclusive interview with Fred Harrison - the man that has predicted every economic recession in recent times... 

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Catherine covering all the latest property news for the Daily Reckoning Australia

DR.png 6/05/2021

Catherine covers off all the latest property news for The Daily Reckoning Australia (or the ‘DR’, as it’s affectionately known to many of its 60,000 readers)

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Catherine Cashmore, Tim Fuller, Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen, discuss all the latest from the front line of Australia's Property Market

2021-04-22_16-19-35.png 21/04/2021

Strongest growth in prices since 1988 Mortgage & auction markets booming

Lack of supply How long can the boom last?

Catherine Cashmore, Tim Fuller, Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen, discuss. 

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Catherine interviewed by ABC news - covering falls in the apartment sector

2021-04-21_11-18-17.png 20/04/2021

Don't buy apartments

Meanwhile, buyer's agent Catherine Cashmore says the main problem with apartments, particularly in her home city (Melbourne) is simply oversupply.

There are "too many apartments" and "not enough people renting them" — which has led to lower rents and waning interest from investors, she said.

In recent years, newly-built apartments have had some bad publicity — involving flammable cladding and poorly built high-rises like Opal Tower and Mascot Tower (in Sydney).....



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Fat Tail Media's "Cashmore's Real Estate Wealth" - a course for Property Investors - numerous insights to generating wealth that you won't find anywhere else

Crew 2.png 12/03/2021

Real Estate Wealth course offered by Fat Tail Media 

There are very few better ways to build long-term, retirement-sustaining wealth than through smart, astute property investing...

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BIZINET Mag - 'Negative Rates = State Sponsored Boom' (By Catherine Cashmore)

State Sponsored boom - BIZINET.png 12/03/2021

Read the latest edition of BIZINET for insight into the unprecedented economic changes affecting markets in the years ahead.  (BIZIET - The Leading Sydney Business Magazine.)

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Fat Tail Media's "Cycles, Trends, & Forecasts" - giving unique insights on Real Estate and Stock Market cycles

CTF pic.png 21/01/2021

Fat Tail Media's "Cycles, Trends, & Forecasts" - giving unique insights on Real Estate and Stock Market cycles you cannot find anywhere else

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Australian Property - Catherine Cashmore discusses 'where to from here... ?'

Success Wealtjh.png 29/10/2020

Australian Property - Catherine Cashmore discusses 'where to from here... ?' with Success Accounting Group

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Martin North of Digital Financial Analytics interviews Catherine Cashmore

DFA.png 16/09/2020

Catherine sits down with Martin North for a frank discussion about the real estate industry - the truth rather than the spruik

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Biggest Infrastructure Spend in History

Bizinet.png 29/07/2020

Catherine Cashmore - regularly featured BiziNet magazine. 

Read about the Biggest Infrastructure Spend in History.

How is it going to affect he market in the coming years? 

Find out here

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Port Phillip Publishing's 'Prophet Watch' team talk to Catherine Cashmore

Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 4.46.42 pm.png 23/12/2019

Profit watch joined by Buyers Agent Catherine Cashmore to discuss the current property market.

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Is The Australian Property Boom Back??

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.19.24 pm.png 12/09/2019

Great to sit down with the Macro Business analysts again (

Update on the housing market

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Rise of the beast? The future of Australian property

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.30.36 am.png 2/06/2019

Join MacroBuisiness ( Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith, Chief Economist Leith Van Onselen, Special Guest Catherine Cashmore and Tim Fuller as we look at the factors supporting both sides of Australia’s property market...  

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Catherine Cashmore interviewed on the Nucleus Wealth Podcast

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.14.14 pm.png 13/09/2018

Listen to Catherine Cashmore being interviewed by the market analysts at Macrobusiness 

Topics discussed include the economic real estate cycle, policy, and the real estate market in general.

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Hobart Holds Out Against Australian Housing Market Slowdown

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 12.16.21 pm.png 8/07/2018

We pinned Hobart as a great place to get some short term capital growth three years ago.  You can find the interview where Catherine Cashmore discusses it in Episodes 30 and 31 of The Newman Show.

This article discusses the subsequent growth in Hobart and includes comments on our views on investment in other capital cities of Australia - primarily Melbourne and Sydney.

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Window of opportunity is opening up in Australia's housing markets

l_cashmore-for-breakout-61.jpg 24/06/2018

“The vendors that are in the market at the moment are those that have to sell,” says buyer’s agent Catherine Cashmore, director of Cashmore & Co Real Estate Advocates. Home owners that can afford to wait are unlikely to be selling in the current market, she said.

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The Rentvesting Podcast - Interview with Catherine Cashmore

170x170bb.jpg 1/02/2018

Peter Mastronianni interviews Catherine Cashmore

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The economics of land - Ed Miliband Podcast - Joe Sarling & Catherine Cashmore on land taxation

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.54.53 am.png 27/01/2018

Ed Miliband interviews Catherine Cashmore and Joe Sarling on land economics. 

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Vacancy a Sign of Systemic Failure - The AGE

NEWSPAPER.jpeg 28/12/2017

Cashmore shares her thoughts with The Age 


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ABC get Catherine's comments on Australia's housing policies..

CC.jpeg 17/09/2017

"You can't blame the investors, you can't blame the developers, they're doing what they are dictated to do by the tax system and by government policy."

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Channel 9 News interview Catherine and other housing experts on the apartment oversupply

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.54.37 pm.png 28/05/2017

Channel 9 news on the looming apartment supply glut as 80,000 vacant homes already exist in Melbourne. Prosper President Catherine Cashmore on why we are building the wrong type of stock.

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Catherine Cashmore on The SHTICK S49-01 Seg.1, discussing Real Estate

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.51.38 pm.png 28/05/2017

Catherine Cashmore, Market Researcher, Analyst and Media Commentator discusses Real Estate with Henry Greener.

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The Project interviews Catherine Cashmore

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.03.36 pm.png 22/05/2017

Catherine Cashmore appears on Channel 10s The Project to discuss the attack-mode campaign by the property lobby on those aiming to reform the capital gains tax discount and negative gearing. 

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ABC's 7:30 Report interview Catherine Cashmore

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.05.36 pm.png 10/05/2017

Will the budget's housing affordability measures work?

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Empty homes: The economic reasons behind investors keeping properties vacant - Dr Cameron Murray

Blog photo for website.jpg 30/04/2017

Research by Cameron Murray on Catherine Cashmore's Speculative Vacancies report - interesting content for investors. 

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Catherine comments on a Vacancy Tax in the AFR

FInancial review for website.jpg 28/04/2017

Catherine discusses the Vacancy tax - it's not useful to the long term solution of increasing housing supply

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The Daily Telegraph seeks comments from Catherine on the validity of NSW property data.. 

NEWSPAPER.jpeg 29/03/2017

The Daily Telegraph seek comments from Catherine Cashmore on the validity of NSW property data...

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The Project - Steve Price goes head to head with Catherine Cashmore

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.53.33 pm.png 29/03/2017

Would you support a vacancy tax?  Catherine Cashmore goes head to head with Steve Price on Channel TEN's "The Project"

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Catherine Cashmore's research covered on SBS news, the United Nations and more

CC.jpeg 26/03/2017

Catherine Cashmore interviewed re Issues regarding vacant housing - covered on SBS news, the UN and more

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The 125th Henry George Commemoration Dinner speech by Catherine Cashmore

dinner-2016-1024x621.jpg 1/03/2017

The Culture of Abundance - Political Economist Catherine Cashmore lectures on the economics of land and dead weight costs

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Bleby from the Australian Financial Review sits down for lunch with Catherine Cashmore

afr.jpeg 28/02/2017

Catherine Cashmore talks to Michael Bleby over lunch regarding economic reform and the legacy of Henry George

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The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking by Phillip Anderson

images/Book.jpg 1/01/2017

Tracing the history of housing cycles in the United States, this examination shows how the banking system reacts to prosperity and recession and reveals the ways regulations enacted after each collapse tend to disappear when boom times return. 

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New City Research - Catherine Cashmore lectures at RMIT in Melbourne

RMIT.png 29/09/2016

Catherine Cashmore talks about how economic and taxation policies inform the design of cities.

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Sharing Economy Panel Discussion 2 at RMIT

14272026_307710946257631_1291966068_n.jpg 24/09/2016

Chairing Economy panel discussion 2 - today's panelists include Stuart Harrison (Harrison and White), Jan van Schaik, (RMIT) Catherine Cashmore (Prosper Australia) and Paul Walker (University of Melbourne). 

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Akhil Patel talks about the comeback of the UK Property Market

512.jpg 29/01/2016

UK property expert and trader Akhil Patel joins Callum Newman on the podcast to discuss..

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Four Corners covers research by Catherine Cashmore

cc-4-corners-1024x733.png 28/01/2016

Four corners covers research by Catherine Cashmore

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Another day, another parliamentary inquiry - Cashmore and Collyer

Australian_Coat_of_Arms.png 28/08/2015

Catherine Cashmore and David Collyer present to The House of Representatives economic committee inquiry into Home Ownership

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Catherine talks at the HIA's Building Better Cities Summit

IMG_0504.png 15/05/2015

In 2015 Catherine spoke at the HIA's (Housing Industry Association) Building Better Cities summit on how simple changes to Australia's housing policy can create a thriving market affordable for all.  

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Catherine - one of Property Observer's "Observers"

Blog photo for website.jpg 2/03/2015

Catherine Cashmore's articles on Property Observer (Property Observer is a source of independent news and information for property investors and astute buyers, so they can make informed property investment decisions. )


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Callum Newman interviews Catherine Cashmore -Part 1 & 2

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.54.53 am.png 29/01/2015

Real estate expert, buyer's advocate and award winning writer Catherine Cashmore joins Callum to discuss:

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Catherine Cashmore - Channel TEN's weekly property expert.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.56.33 pm.png 28/01/2015

Watch some of Catherine's very many appearances on The Circle morning show, as Channel TEN's resident weekly property expert, talking on many subjects to do with buying, selling, renting and more! 

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ABC interview Catherine on Australia's Empty Homes

ChclUTDUoAQ4zW1.jpg 10/11/2014

The report, written by real estate analyst Catherine Cashmore, estimates that almost a third of the area's units may be empty at any time given that the short-term vacancy rate of properties available for rent is 4.6 per cent.

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Catherine Cashmore in "Naked Capitalism" (finance and economics blog)

Blog photo for website.jpg 21/07/2014

This post looks at how little has been done in the wake of the global financial crisis is instructive because it takes an international view. 

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Legally underquoting? How agents get away with it

l_cashmore-for-breakout-46.png 3/03/2014

Catherine Cashmore writes for Property Observer on the issue of underquoting.. how do agents get away with it? 

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Catherine writes for - featured articles

CC.jpg 29/01/2014

Read Catherine Cashmore's work at

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Housing supply fails – Speculative Vacancies instead

FB-poster3-1-e1449898769129.jpg 28/01/2014

Catherine Cashmore talks to Karl Fitzgerald on the Renegade Economist regarding Melbourne's empty properties

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ABC interview Catherine on Melbourne's 64,386 empty properties

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.06.02 pm.png 28/01/2014

Catherine Cashmore interviewed on ABC regarding the 64,386 empty properties revealed during Melbourne's record long housing supply crisis. Why aren't these vacancies investigated by the government?

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Watch 'The Exchange' on Foxtel - Owning Your Own Home - Catherine Cashmore & Martin Vidakovic discuss

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.57.44 pm.png 28/01/2014

Owning Your Own Home - Catherine Cashmore & Martin Vidakovic (finance expert) discuss the difficulty first home buyers face getting into the market - they share some tips... 

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Catherine wins E J Craigie Writing Award

CCashmore-Craigie-Award-600.png 28/09/2013

Winner of E J Craigie Writing Award  

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Catherine and others discuss Australia's Property Hotspots in Fairfax

NEWSPAPER.jpeg 10/02/2013

Property adviser and buyers advocate Catherine Cashmore says not all towns are equal when it comes to making money from real estate.

"Investors often work on a herd mentality, they see an opportunity and rush in,'' Cashmore says.... (read more below) 

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Real Estate for Ransom - the economics of land.

images/download (2).jpeg 27/01/2013

Learn how the land market affects the economy.. 

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Van Onselen vs Keen vs Cashmore on property

excerpt_4E_giant1-300x203.jpg 30/01/2012

Listen to Professor Steve Keen (head of economics at Kingston University in the UK), Leith Van Onselen (co-creator of and Catherine Cashmore (renowned property commentator) discuss the Australian Property Market.

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Star Com­men­ta­tors of the Aus­tralian Home Loan and Prop­erty Mar­ket

tooncashmore.jpg 29/01/2011

Find the star commentators of Australia's Property Market on Professor Steve Keen's blog

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Whether you want us to bid at auction, or provide a comprehensive buyer advocacy service to search, asses and negotiate your ideal investment property or home, we tailor a plan ideally suited to your individual needs.

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We have the expertise to assist with any type of development you are considering - large, or small - from concept to completion.

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What our Clients are Saying

Catherine worked tirelessly in finding me a great property at a good price. She did things that I wouldn't have done (hours and hours of legwork) and more importantly, couldn't have done (organising the purchase before anyone else had even put in an offer). When I was ready to give up, Catherine kept working. I'm certain that I never would have been able to buy the same property within 10k of what we eventually settled at.... David
The expertise you bring are excellent and helped us understand the process and what to do and what not to do. You discussed at the beginning that by using you it will save us money and in our instance and the current environment of Melbourne’s market I believe you saved us $100,000 or enabled us to get into a suburb which going to auction would have gone way over our limit. You worked tirelessly to help us purchase a home.... Karen
“You impressed us from the start, especially compared with the other buyers agencies we approached…” - Raj

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Why use Cashmore & Co?

Cashmore & Co are experts in market cycles and property investment 

Catherine Cashmore has accrued many years experience working in the Australian real estate market. She is President of Australia's oldest economics organisation (Prosper Australia) and has lectured widely on the real estate cycle and the economics of land.

it's this knowledge that sets Cashmore & Co apart from other real estate agencies. 

Cashmore & Co won't 'spruik' the market, or try and convince you that it's always a good time to buy.

Rather, Cashmore & Co use their expertise to assist investors, home buyers, and developers to make wise decisions based on their individual budgets and unique circumstances. 

They simplify the buying process saving buyers thousands in negotiation, as well as preventing costly mistakes.

Many of our clients benefit from insider secrets we have gleaned from years of experience that buyers, sellers, and developers, simply do not have access to. 

You can’t help but accrue this kind of on-the-ground knowledge when you’re involved with literally dozens of purchases and sales each year.(And also when you have a rare knowledge of the long-term property cycle as your framework.)

Whether it’s getting into a suburb you thought was out of reach, saving a hundred grand by avoiding a too-good-to-be-true apartment pitch, or getting a foot through the door in a hot market, Cashmore & Co has all the practical property ‘hacks’ to place you ahead of the competition.

Investors not only gain assistance with their property investments; with Cashmore & Co they have access to a treasure trove of advice and strategies that help extract the maximum amount of wealth creation from the 18-year cycle that you will not get anywhere else. 

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About Catherine

Catherine Cashmore

Owner & Director

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Catherine Cashmore has been working in the Australian real estate market for over 14 years.

Originally from the UK, and having also lived in the US, Catherine has extensive experience across a range of international real estate markets.

As a buyer and seller advocate, Catherine has assisted hundreds of home buyers, investors, and developers, find, assess, and negotiate, quality real estate for great prices throughout Australia.

She is President of Australia's oldest economics organisation, Prosper Australia - an organisation that has conducted vast amounts of research into the economics of land, market cycles, and the intricacies of how tax and government policy affect the markets.

Catherine is a regular and highly respected media commentator. She has often been called upon to guest lecture at universities and educational institutions (including RMIT and Sydney University) on how tax policy affects the real estate market, the design of cities, and the economy.

She is the editor of Fat Tail Investment Research's Cycles, Trends, & Forecasts, Catherine Cashmore's Land Cycle Investor, and Catherine Cashmore's Real Estate Wealth Course – publications that teach real estate and stock market investors about the land cycle, its impact on the economy, and how to create wealth from property and stocks using this knowledge.

She is also one of the former editors of the extremely popular The Daily Reckoning Australia (or the ‘DR’ as it's affectionately known to its 60,000 subscribers).  The DR is an independent financial news broadcaster that has been in the business of reporting financial trends that shape the economy since 1999.

Previously authoring the annual ‘Speculative Vacancies’ report, the only study in the world that analyses long-term vacant housing based on water usage data (Australia-focused), Catherine has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian real estate market and economic environment few can rival.

You can contact Catherine directly on 0458 143 089 or at 

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