What some of our clients are saying...

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“Catherine worked tirelessly in finding me a great property at a good price. She did things that I wouldn't have done (hours and hours of legwork) and more importantly, couldn't have done (organising the purchase before anyone else had even put in an offer). When I was ready to give up, Catherine kept working. I'm certain that I never would have been able to buy the same property within 10k of what we eventually settled at. Catherine more than earned her fee, and I would highly recommend her as a buyers' advocate. I will be going to her again when I next want to purchase a property….” - David

“...It’s hard to believe the apartment is actually going to be ours, especially as we haven't seen it. Thank you for getting us through the process of finding and bidding on the property. I am sure if it was up to us we would have paid a lot more for the property and we would have gone through even more stress to get it.  Thank you for being so understanding about our finances. You made this a great experience and it was a real pleasure working with you.” - Karen

“Catherine you were a superstar, efficiently doing all the searching and inspecting, taking pictures, analysing, talking to real estate agents and keeping us informed on any developments on a daily basis.  Your knowledge of the market, enthusiasm, dedication to find a property that met our criteria and exceptional negotiation skills helped us secure the house in the area that we initially thought was beyond our budget...” - Ross

"Catherine and her associates are very professional, accessible and we have again engaged them to commence the search for our next project  Highly recommended" - Kevin

“...Buying the property with Cashmore & Co was not only stress-free, but enjoyable and very educational experience. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in purchasing a property, thank you for an outstanding job!” - Natasha

 “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all your hard work and support in helping us to find our first home.  Buying our first house from interstate was a daunting prospect but with your legwork and advice we found our perfect place much more quickly than we’d imagined, and actually enjoyed the process!” - Fiona

“….Nothing we ever asked was too much trouble.  It was great the way you took our needs (including our cat’s) into account….” - B.C

“….We’re both really indecisive people, and never would have dreamed we’d have the guts to buy a place unseen, but such was our trust in you (and the very detailed photos you sent us) that we took the plunge…..and now having seen the house it’s even better than we’d anticipated!….” - Roland

“We really appreciated your advice and support on the day of the auction.  It was a very nervous time, listening on the phone to the auction from Perth, but you kept us informed every step of the way and this really helped.” - Debbie

“…..We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other people and will certainly be seeking out your help when we want to buy our next house (that’s if we ever move out of this one!)” - David

“….Whenever possible we tell people that they should use Catherine.  The expertise you bring are excellent and helped us understand the process and what to do and what not to do.  You discussed at the beginning that by using you it will save us money and in our instance and the current environment of Melbourne’s market I believe you saved us $100,000 or enabled us to get into a suburb which going to auction would have gone way over our limit.  You worked tirelessly to help us purchase a home. You got to know what it was we were after and only presented thing to us that met our needs.  This and more is a reason why I would use you again and suggest to anyone to use you….” - Amanda

 “...Thank you for your all your encouraging support, warmth and kindness. It was reassuring to know I could entrust this v important and valuable task of finding me a new home to you.” - Helen

"..We are delighted with our purchase, and keep replaying the video of the auction on the App. A well executed plan and auction strategy - our advocate was exceptional!.." - Paul 

“...Thank you for all your advice, thoughts and guidance every step of the way.”
 - Janet

."..Your service went above and beyond what we were expecting. You were always there to address our concerns - even after business hours.  Your due diligence in finding us a property and the detailed research you conducted put our minds at ease every step of the way.  We would not hesitate to recommend you ..." Helen 

"You have been amazing, not just in the time you have invested but also by going above and beyond the level I would expect from a professional .." - Alan

"We chose Catherine as a buyers advocate after reading her reports on Melbourne’s property situation and the opportunities on offer. She provided us with properties for sale, mainly off market, and her team of professionals assisted with the feasibility of these options, to help us make an informed decision. The main consideration is to know the likely profitability of the completed project, prior to committing through local market analysis and sales comparisons for the immediate area.  Once we had selected a site, Catherine attended the auction on our behalf and purchased it for us, achieving a great result for us with a bid 50k below our buy up to price. I consider the fee charged an extremely good investment as we were able to get the desired deal, with limited input and without the need to do the expensive and time consuming leg work." - Kevin

“You impressed us from the start, especially compared with the other buyers agencies we approached…” - Raj

"...Its been great working with you, we are so happy. No idea how others can go through this process without someone like yourself guiding them, you need to know the real estate game very well, its a full time job!  We are very happy with our new home and can't wait to make it ours very soon.." -Michelle.  

 "I just want to express my sincere thanks for a great job done with the purchase of our property in Edithvale for a sub development opportunity. You were able to capitalise on an opportunity and negotiate hard to get a substantial reduction to what was previously contracted but fell through. Catherine your knowledge in this field is very comprehensive and you are a very pleasant person to work with. It is obvious you look to have repeat customers via your level of professional service. Overall the experience for us was very seamless with great support and communication." - Gary

"Thanks again Catherine - as we kept saying on Saturday - the money we invested in your service was some of the best we've ever spent..." - Dave

"Simply the best money I have ever invested" - Brenton

"Catherine did all the negotiating with the vendors, liaising with the real estate agent and spent a ridiculous time period on the phone to the local council to clarify a building permit issue. She made the whole process a breeze (and got us a better price!). I refer her on to anyone who asks." - Callum

"My wife and I wanted to actively participate in finding our property, so we opted for Catherine's advisory service. But you know what? I would have paid triple that for her expertise looking back. What she saved us in time and money was many multiples higher than that." - James

"Thank you very much for taking me through this journey. Thank you for holding my hands to navigate such a tough market.
I'll definitely highly recommend your service to my colleagues." - Dr Choo

"I just wanted to thank you for your help in securing our investment property. Great work and extremely efficient! We are happy with the property and believe that it will turn out a good investment." - Elke

"You helped Paul and I out a few years back when we were thinking of buying in Southbank. 
You really helped us by outlining how it wouldn't be a smart investment decision. 
Turns out that advice was doubly correct! what with COVID as well ;) We are SO glad we're not stuck in Southbank right now for sure!! THANK YOU." - Kathryn

"..Thanks again for all your assistance and guidance throughout the purchase, we are still in shock we landed the house for that price! We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and family." - Steve and Ashleigh 

"Catherine, thank you soo much everything today and over the past 4 months. Countless hours worth of emails, phone calls, checks, etc. Your service is amazing and your genuine consideration and concern for your clients is soo clear. Don't know how I would have done this without you, you're a gem." -  Jeannette

"Hi Catherine, Thanks so much for all your knowledge and help in acquiring a property, we are super happy! Thank you also for all the information and due diligence prompts required on our behalf to prepare us for the settlement day.  Great working with you" - Nadia

"Thankyou for efforts as our buyers agent Catherine! We feel you've been so committed to our purchase and so incredibly helpful the whole time. We will definitely engage you again as we develop our property investing journey and also recommend our friends!" - Chris

"From the first conversation with Catherine we knew she was the right person to help us purchase our first investment property. We had complete trust in her ability to find us a property that would meet our criteria and budget.  We bought our property sight unseen, something we would never ever have done  before but thanks to Catherine’s daily communication, knowledge of the market her recommendations and negotiation skills we signed off and couldn’t have been happier! J & N"  

"Working alongside Catherine has been an absolute delight and career-defining experience, her remarkable expertise and unwavering support have been a beacon of guidance, throughout the campaign. Catherine was always there to offer support and insightful advice. I am immensely fortunate to have had the privilege to collaborate with such a formidable force in the industry and am profoundly grateful for the opportunity she bestowed upon me, instilling the confidence for me to navigate the campaign; achieving in a great result. Furthermore, Catherine's kindness and graciousness are truly unparalleled. She exemplifies what it means to be a compassionate advocate and a stellar agent in the industry. Her commitment to fostering growth and excellence in others is truly inspiring." - Annie Pham - RT Edgar


Testimonials for Catherine Cashmore's Land Cycle Investor (Formerly Cycles, Trends & Forecasts @ Fat Tail Investment Research ) 

"Like most of the services I'm subscribed to in Fat tail media, I am more interested in the wealth of knowledge that the hosts are sharing rather than the trade advice. I'm also very happy that Catherine has combined CT&F and her extensive knowledge of the Australian real estate cycle to give us an even clearer picture of where we are headed in the very near future. I feel a lot more confident when considering investment decisions having her insights as a guide. I couldn't be happier." (Brian)

"Cycles, Trends and Forecasts is an excellent subscription, basically looking into that so “hard to capture in a model sense” sentiment aspect of markets, and how our human emotions are connected to much larger natural cycles, driving the sentiment in a predictable but always differently manifested ways. Keep up the good work and look forward to future editions for many more years to come." (Dan)

"The publication named "cycles, trends and forecasts" lives up to its name. Research and analysis of the highest importance to elevating the financial intelligence of humanity. Simple to understand. Logical." (Darius)

"I wanted to say thank-you very much for all the great work you do on CTF. I always enjoy reading both your weekly updates and the
monthly reports and always get something out of them." -Kevin 

 "Cannot recommend C T & F highly enough. A revelation to watch as the Investment Cycle rolls on as predicted, just like a Swiss Watch. Plenty of other great advisory services as well. The diversity of opinions and advice is fantastic, unlike the one sided advice most so called "professionals" provide, such as sales people flogging the product they earn their money from, e.g. real estate agents, stock brokers, most financial planners." (Grant)

"Understanding how the economy works can be a long and confusing experience. I wanted to find out how money works. Why we have boom and bust cycles. How best to set myself up financially. It wasn’t until I came across the team at Cycles Trends and Forecasts that I learnt how to understand what drives the cycle and when the next boom and bust will occur. In this way I am able to position myself to take full advantage of the next inevitable boom."(Robert)

"The articles by Catherine Cashmore's are excellent and can be used in your planing for future investments. I have saved tens of    thousands of dollars alone just in 2020. Keep up the great work Catherine." (Gary)

"Brilliant interview with Greg on Insider! Consistent with your CT&F reports and incredibly insightful. Just wanted to say thank you." (Norman)

"Keep up the good work guys. It's refreshing to see a positive outlook for the Oz real estate provided by Catherine Cashmore." (David)

"The Cycles, Trends and Forecasts provides a fascinating insight into the probable future direction and particularly the timing of real estate and share markets." (Nigel)

"Wow what can I say Catherine Cashmore has got her finger on the pulse when it comes to the Melbourne property market. Im a seasoned property and share investor ( I love both) and I use Catherine to keep me sharp. Iron does sharpen Iron! But if you are novice she does keep it basic and simple. They are also believers in technical analysis using WD Gann principles which I have come to know and love as it works. No hesitation in recommending the team." (Chris)

"On Catherine, if you want original, honest and revealing insights and recommendations on the Real Estate Cycle, you can literally do no wrong with following her. If you take the time to read, understand and learn her material you will suddenly get an ‘a ha!’ moment. She foresaw the 2020 market Crash, and made recommendations for this. I moved 100% of my Super to cash 2 weeks before the almighty drop in March 2020, saved me $$$$. I also purchased my first property, here in Victoria, based on her findings and timing recommendations, and can honestly say, this information from her was priceless (and she has been proven right again!)"   (Lee)

"Catherine Cashmore is an expert in her field and I value her advice and view." (Kerry)

"I also wish to say as a truth...Catherine has a special gift between economics and energy! - With great thanks" (Terrie)

"it is by merits of coincidence or luck I was referred to your well-written articles on cycles and trends...I figure complex tax questions and structures for a living but how the bloody hell you wrap your brain around financial astrology and cycle analysis just blows my mind. Take this with all the praise and accolade as the mental power it takes to draw parallels is mind blowing"  (Dominic) 

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful information in your Cycles, Trends and Forecasts newsletter. I'm particularly glad that your content focuses on the Australian markets. It was only due to a chance decision that I subscribed to your service. You're doing a great job. (Tania)

"Having relatively recently entered the IP space, pivoting from entertainment, it's lovely to hear someone talk something other than the usual regurgitated material. The deep well of information you are drawing from is not only fascinating but unbelievably insightful.
And of course, it's from a pommie yid living in Melbourne! Kol Hakavod! Keep up the great work Catherine." (Normie) 

"I loved your latest CTF (cycles, trends & Forecasts) on the Silica Explosion and this is the first time I’ve heard of this ...thanks so much for bringing it to our attention. A remarkable story.  China’s strategic advance in recent years I’m aware of but not in the detail you have supplied.  ..Your factual story is important.  …..thanks for the CTF edition." (Chris)

"An ongoing major thanks for your brilliant, incisive analyses of both property and the general economic situation. As I have said before, you provide more value per issue/email than in years before you took over." (Neil) 

"Thankyou soooo much for your insanely accurate and honest and knowledgeable info. You truly are an icon of the industry and I sing your praises when its the correct environment and encourage others to join your service." (David) 

"I love Catherine Cashmore's insights and take on things, as a CTF subscriber. Catherine, I prefer your commentary to Phil's; it's more grounded. I like Phil (I also subscribe to PSE), However I feel he is a bit "flighty", drawing in piecemeal pieces of information.
The info that you provide is more & "together." You're also not hyperbolic, but say your piece sensibly, rationally and coherently.
You present well and are articulate. Thank you." (Simon)

"Hi Catherine..you guys were 100% correct last year and I have to admit I wasn't sure myself when we were refinancing with NAB last yr and had a new apartment settling (never buy another one) and it took months and months to get over the line and we had pretty good LVR, I hung onto your articles for the whole of last year wishing you were right reading all the doomsayers and certainly sitting in a nice position now (phew)...I was listening to Bernard Salt the other day on a podcast and he was calling it the roaring 20's comparing it to 1920's and after the second world war and I wanted to ask him was he a subscriber to Cycle Trends and Forecasts..haha..keep up the great work, I only wish I had been a subscriber 20 years ago I would be long retired..Cheers" (Sean)

"Thanks for your great learning modules.  I am a bit late to your research party.  I subscribed to your new service when you announced it, but due to health problems I am only just starting to read your modules now (9,10 and 12- I will go back and start at number one soon and read them all in sequence) and I discovered some great info.  Thank you.  Many people over promise and under deliver, but you have delivered.  I was very tentative about subscribing as I wasn’t working at the time (and still aren’t) and it was a lot of money, but I’m now very glad I did." (Paul) 

"I am a long time reader of "Cycles, trends and Forecasts" and have been really impressed by your analysis of real estate cycles. I eagerly wait for your monthly issues of the newsletter, they are simply the best." Jeewan

"Thank you and your Cycles Trends and Forecast team for your great information and insights to the credit cycle and more detailed property cycle in Australia. (I have a subscription to both your services via FatTail Investment Research).It is amazing once you lock into learning about the credit cycle and Gann timing how you can slowly spot the sign posts on the way through.Your modules to explain and then use the information  of the property / credit cycles have been very helpful.  Our son has now just bought his first investment property up in Brisbane a market that looks a bit more affordable to get into and with good rental yields. So again, thank you for all your great information."  Elisabet 

"I have just been reading through your Real Estate Wealth modules (up to number 6) and have found them so enlightening.I have subscribed to numerous property education courses in the past and while they do have lots of valuable information, none have laid out exactly what to focus on as you have in your development modules. Very much appreciate your valuable insights and articles you write." - Vesna

"I have a primary interest in property as an owner/developer with properties and developments in Perth, Regional WA, Adelaide, Melbourne and Regional Victoria. So when Catherine Cashmore took over CT&F it was a breath of fresh air.I’ve have subscribed to Phil Anderson’s various formats for many years and therefore have a good familiarity with the 18.6 year cycle. However as you would be aware in the case of property, every region/area/city/etc is subject to numerous local influences. Catherine bought fantastic insight and knowledge to those variables and tied it into the 18.6 year cycle, which I have specifically used to help manage our investments. By way of example, I have a number of units in Perth that I need to sell – I would have done this 12 to 18 months ago but held off based on the information that Catherine provided about the Mid-Cycle Correction and Philip Soos’s forecast for Perth property. This has saved me between $200k to $300k and I had the knowledge 12 months in advance of every other market commentator." - Andrew

"Beyond useful Catherine.
Life changing…I’ve really enjoyed the content since you took over Catherine. It is excellent.
I mean REALLY REALLY good. ....I only need 25% of my previous wage indefinitely. 
Effectively, my wife and I are now semi retired, with enough houses to look after the boys into adulthood and ready to go again, next cycle.  
We are not just surviving, we are thriving thanks to the timing and insights of CTF....
I continue to look forward to each instalment and often revisit previous content as I am educated by the new material. 
I just read your latest email. VERY good advice .. The last module, in particular, of the REW course was a great addition to the collection of CTF info...  it covered the info around a possible exit which up until now has not been covered in detail. Thank you for this Catherine.CTF and REW is something I am teaching my two boys also. Aged 15 & 16..." - Michael

"I value your essays because they take a step back and look at historical patterns. It helps me go 'Aaah - so that's what's really going on.' The 'Cat in the tree', if you will. I'm impressed by the way you gather, retain, and present your research. Thank you to the whole team at FatTail Investment Research." - Paul

"Hi Catherine.. I would like to say thank you for your valuable information. When Phillip Anderson left I thought that's it no more good information. To your credit you have up the ante. I am 100% pleased with your information. I have bought 3 houses since March..I would like to buy more a bit later" Wayne 

"The voice of reason backed with an incredible array of data, outlining the true trajectory of an economy others are only surmising upon. You are my ace in the hole Catherine, and know I appreciate your words of wisdom and critical analysis. It genuinely puts me a step ahead of my peers. Another brilliant CTF update and more important than ever. Thank you" Normy 

"Loving the insight, forecasts and stats you provide on the property market. I really feel like it’s giving me an advantage over the majority of home owners in Australia." Ryan 

"Despite being well educated and interested in how the economy works and macroeconomics etc, it has been this service which has enabled me to cut through all of the noise regarding property prices to truly understand the factors influencing it and therefore to have faith in actually taking the final step.  It took until mid 2020 before I really came to believe in the cycle, getting out of the double dip mid cycle downturn so quickly was what crystalised my belief.... I wanted to let you know the significant positive role you have played in my life and to thank you for it. " Naomi 

"Hi Catherine,  a quick thank you for your wonderful monthly write ups, they have been critical in keeping me and my wife on course for a while now and we have made some significant gains, all thanks to your guidance." David 

"Listening to you and Louis chat for 45 minutes is akin to going back in history and listening to Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Joplin talk about music in the 60's. Just incredible! The incisiveness and honestly in you both is aligned with my highest expectations for what property commentators, sales agents and buyers agents can aspire to. Thank you And thanks again for being my property mentor through CT&F. It's allowed me to advise my clients holistically and put them into strategically wise property investments, unlike the spruikers in my space." Norm 

"Hi Catherine, Just to let you know how much I enjoy your CTF publications and how incredibly accurate your predictions are!Thank you for the bottom from my heart and, as a token of appreciation for your hard work, I am recommending your service to my friends from Market Makers paid channel. Keep up your GREAT work and ... All the best!!!" Anthony 

"I just wanted to say thank you for such an insightful presentation last week.
I was on the Zoom call and it wasn't ideal to hear everything and interact (eg as questions) 
You REALLY knew your stuff and were able to give deeper insights than most people that work in this space. Thanks again for such an insightful talk." Ronan 

"To start, I was referred to you by some Professional business people in Perth that I have known over the years and follow you, and yes, I am now an Alliance Member for Fat Tail Investments.  I really enjoy your reads and blogs on “Cycles and Trends”. I love your statistics and overview of the cycles, economy and where each state is presently at. You also have a very likeable manner so thank you for that." Ben 

"Fantastic interview, Catherine. Probably the best I have heard in 10 years from Oz. Your talking about yourself too, your classical guitar days, and Bruce Lipton, and presenting publicly. These are all interests and past or present activities of mine too. I feel I have come to know you personally as a close friend, now, which adds a whole new truly human level to the Cycles and Trends communiques.  Thank you so much, Chris"

"Hey Catherine, mind blowing podcast! Love it so much. I’m a massive fan of Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton and really connected to that one. Thanks for being so real! Massive respect! I feel as though shared understanding  of these concepts is why I connect so much with what you say and write (it’s all making sense now). That is my positive feedback anyways  " - Mitch 

"Hi Catherine, I joined Fat tail 12/2021 for two reasons the information on property/ land and the gold stocks . In that time I have loved your reports and insight into the real estate industry. I find the knowledge you give very informative to me. I just wanted to thank you for your reports and insight. Thankyou." - Tony 

"Hi Catherine,  Been following you for years (and Callum), always impressed with your work,
analyses, and recommendations. Your quite possibly the reason I became a Lifetime (Alliance) Member. Thanks for all your hard work and reports
to date, keep them coming. Take care" - Lee

"Hi Catherine.  The interview (with Leith van Onselen) was illuminating and interesting at the same time.  The information on QLD land tax, and the issue of gas supply to Eastern board Australia, was news to me.  I have an interest in geopolitics, so I was a captive audience.  I also enjoyed listening to Stephen Van Aperan. I have done some NLP training; so I completely knew what he was on about.  I like the left of centre interviews which you host . I also enjoy guests that articulate well, and recount  in a mellifluous manner. Easy to listen to.  Thank you !!" - Simon

"Thanks for your service and information – I’ve joined as a lifetime member – have subscribed to many services in the past (mainly re shares) and yours is by far the best" - Marc 

"Incredible content that is very educational as well as consequential!" - Eric

"Catherine, thanks for a fabulous service. Always a pleasure" - Lee

"Much appreciation for your narrative on events and the current cycle Catherine, very helpful." - Simon

"Really appreciate the interview with David and the material Catherine has published on the  Kondratieff cycle is a fascinating eye opener with profound consequences for us all if it is dependable predictor. Many thanks for educating us with such quality insights" - Eric

"Hi Catherine. I very much enjoyed your talk with David. In my own dyslexic way ive held ideas of the views you both discusses, yet I felt alone in these ideas. Having you both explain this perspective so cogently has helped me square up my thought and realise there are others who see these patterns. I really look forward to the next talk... Cheers" - Shane

"I appreciate your willingness to look at subjects, risks and solutions that others are seemingly not. Keep up the good work.:" - Adam

"Firstly I am a big fan of yours, I’ve read every CT&F edition you’ve written even since Phil Anderson was the editor. I was very impressed by your ‘Cashmore Files’ and some other pieces such as vacancy research you did (you were on TV as well!) I’ve watched and listened to pretty much everything you are featured as well. Your knowledge, insight and wisdom blow me away and I am thankful that I follow you." - Jennis

"I have been following and am a subscriber of your Cycles Trends & Forecasts newsletter for a few years....as a long time property developer and builder in Melbourne Bayside (I do my own stuff) I find your research and information invaluable." - Silvio

"Catherine is excellent. I have a clear understanding and have invested in property and shares and advised my son on his investments. I have learnt so much from Catherine and greatly appreciate all the information that she has provided." - John H

"I have found what Catherine writes about very interesting and accurate and would recommend her to anyone who is going to buy a house as she has a wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry and the cycles it goes through." - Ash

"Hi Catherine, I bought a property in Cronulla in January and your advice helped confirm my decision to pay the asking price. The market has risen by approx. 20% since I settled." - AH

"Understanding the cycle while Catherine charts out the road map is essential for dealing with property in your daily and yearly life." - Darius G

"Your advice Catherine has been spot-on; I wish my son-in-law would listen to a couple of your calls!" - Bruce E

"‘...Has allowed me to understand cycles and given me the confidence to invest in real estate amid a roar of economic noise. This has translated to a gain of $250,000+ during the past 12 months and it's still growing!" - Tim G

"Understanding the cycle with Catherine will be key for profiting in the land-led boom over the coming 4-5 years. Just as importantly, it will give you the knowledge on how to protect your finances in the subsequent bust that follows." - James

“Great articles Catherine, I can see how there may not be a massive fall in property, but there will probably be Hell to pay everywhere else in the Australian economy!” Grant Tenni 

"I have been a long time member of  your "Cycles, Trends & Forecasts"  publication and keenly wait for the monthly issues. I have followed your reports for many years and have been very impressed by the forecasts and the reasons behind them. It has certainly provided new insights and improved my knowledge of the land cycles." - Jeewan

"I’ve subscribed to a number of Fat Tail/Port Philip Publishing publications over the years and yours is the best by miles and, in fact, the only one worth subscribing to in my opinion.." - Marc

"I have always really valued your excellent and informative newsletters and reports -probably the most useful in the whole Alliance package IMO.." - Jacob

"You are the only writings I find useful despite being sceptical at first when you took over from your predecessor. I greatly appreciate both your historical and current commentary so thankyou for your work...." - Keith

"I really do highly regard your work and am saying this to you because, this is a chance to do so and, I feel its important to say." - Noel



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What our Clients are Saying

Catherine worked tirelessly in finding me a great property at a good price. She did things that I wouldn't have done (hours and hours of legwork) and more importantly, couldn't have done (organising the purchase before anyone else had even put in an offer). When I was ready to give up, Catherine kept working. I'm certain that I never would have been able to buy the same property within 10k of what we eventually settled at.... David
The expertise you bring are excellent and helped us understand the process and what to do and what not to do. You discussed at the beginning that by using you it will save us money and in our instance and the current environment of Melbourne’s market I believe you saved us $100,000 or enabled us to get into a suburb which going to auction would have gone way over our limit. You worked tirelessly to help us purchase a home.... Karen
“You impressed us from the start, especially compared with the other buyers agencies we approached…” - Raj

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Why use Cashmore & Co?

Cashmore & Co are experts in market cycles and property investment 

Catherine Cashmore has accrued many years experience working in the Australian real estate market. She is President of Australia's oldest economics organisation (Prosper Australia) and has lectured widely on the real estate cycle and the economics of land.

it's this knowledge that sets Cashmore & Co apart from other real estate agencies. 

Cashmore & Co won't 'spruik' the market, or try and convince you that it's always a good time to buy.

Rather, Cashmore & Co use their expertise to assist investors, home buyers, and developers to make wise decisions based on their individual budgets and unique circumstances. 

They simplify the buying process saving buyers thousands in negotiation, as well as preventing costly mistakes.

Many of our clients benefit from insider secrets we have gleaned from years of experience that buyers, sellers, and developers, simply do not have access to. 

You can’t help but accrue this kind of on-the-ground knowledge when you’re involved with literally dozens of purchases and sales each year.(And also when you have a rare knowledge of the long-term property cycle as your framework.)

Whether it’s getting into a suburb you thought was out of reach, saving a hundred grand by avoiding a too-good-to-be-true apartment pitch, or getting a foot through the door in a hot market, Cashmore & Co has all the practical property ‘hacks’ to place you ahead of the competition.

Investors not only gain assistance with their property investments; with Cashmore & Co they have access to a treasure trove of advice and strategies that help extract the maximum amount of wealth creation from the 18-year cycle that you will not get anywhere else. 

Please click here to see the range of services we offer. 

Or contact us for more information. 

About Catherine

Catherine Cashmore

Owner & Director

Herald Sun Pic .jpg

Catherine Cashmore has been working in the Australian real estate market for over 14 years.

Originally from the UK, and having also lived in the US, Catherine has extensive experience across a range of international real estate markets.

As a buyer and seller advocate, Catherine has assisted hundreds of home buyers, investors, and developers, find, assess, and negotiate, quality real estate for great prices throughout Australia.

She is President of Australia's oldest economics organisation, Prosper Australia - an organisation that has conducted vast amounts of research into the economics of land, market cycles, and the intricacies of how tax and government policy affect the markets.

Catherine is a regular and highly respected media commentator. She has often been called upon to guest lecture at universities and educational institutions (including RMIT and Sydney University) on how tax policy affects the real estate market, the design of cities, and the economy.

She is the editor of Fat Tail Investment Research's Cycles, Trends, & Forecasts, Catherine Cashmore's Land Cycle Investor, and Catherine Cashmore's Real Estate Wealth Course – publications that teach real estate and stock market investors about the land cycle, its impact on the economy, and how to create wealth from property and stocks using this knowledge.

She is also one of the former editors of the extremely popular The Daily Reckoning Australia (or the ‘DR’ as it's affectionately known to its 60,000 subscribers).  The DR is an independent financial news broadcaster that has been in the business of reporting financial trends that shape the economy since 1999.

Previously authoring the annual ‘Speculative Vacancies’ report, the only study in the world that analyses long-term vacant housing based on water usage data (Australia-focused), Catherine has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian real estate market and economic environment few can rival.

You can contact Catherine directly on 0458 143 089 or at cc@cashmoreco.com.au 

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